Launching 20+ arrows at a giant in slow motion, releasing the time slow down and hearing the "pop-corn" popping sound as they all suddenly rip a giant apart can be fun. A stingray jumped into the boat of an 81-year-old Florida man and stabbed him in the chest, leaving its long barb stuck in him, authorities said. Woman swimming in a swimming pool. Large collection of the best gifs. SLOW MOTION: Young woman swimming underwater with friendly stingray rays, SLOW MOTION: Young woman swimming underwater and snorkeling with sharks, SLOW MOTION UNDERWATER: Blacktip sharks swimming in shallow lagoon, Young woman swimming underwater in fantastic ocean at tropical island, SLOW MOTION: Young woman snorkeling, exploring sunken statue sanctuary, SLOW MOTION: Young woman snorkeling underwater with friendly stingray rays, SLOW MOTION: Woman swimming underwater discovering sunken statues under sea, Young woman snorkeling in island lagoon, shark swimming around her, UNDERWATER: Young woman snorkeling and exploring sunken religious ocean statues. © 2009-2020. The turret has two Tesla coil guns that fire medium-range bolts of electricity against the target, and can also be used to power up Tesla coilbase defences. Slow Motion Shark Attack - Must see. Jul 16, 2013 @ 6:30pm There is a shield perk that slows time during power attacks from opponents. GIANT STINGRAY Fish Cooking - Monster SeaFood Stingray Fish Cutting and Cooking. Video about A wide slow motion shot of a stingray swimming freely under the blue sea. A stingray injury is caused by the venomous tail spines, stingers or dermal denticles of rays in the order Myliobatiformes, most significantly those belonging to the families Dasyatidae, Urotrygonidae, Urolophidae, and Potamotrygonidae. Stingray is a British children's science-fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and produced by AP Films (APF) for ITC Entertainment. Сowtail Weralli Stingray (Pastinachus sephen). 6:14. Next time I go swimming i'm going to be thinking of these sharks! Little is known about the specific chemical properties of the short-tail stingray’s poison, but in general, stingray venom is a potent cocktail of neurotoxins, enzymes, and the neurotransmitter serotonin, which restricts smooth muscle contraction and slows blood … < > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments . Gif Bin is your daily source for funny gifs, reaction gifs and funny animated pictures! 1:01 . 2:26. Share. Once the stingray is in motion, its tail becomes a whiplike weapon with a … SLOW MOTION HALF UNDERWATER: Shark and stingray swimming in beautiful crystal clear blue lagoon ocean — Video by Prostock. just weapon attacks. I’d like to receive newsletters and special offers. Large collection of the best gifs. Marlboro Southern Cut. Video of fish, animal, aqua - 100726230 Watch Queue Queue Gif Bin is your daily source for funny gifs, reaction gifs and funny animated pictures! Get tips, design hacks, and deals delivered straight to your inbox. #1. Integrate our extensive library directly in your this is my tamed channa he never bit me only when i hold my finger above the water so he cant see the different voor informatie en verkoop kijk ook eens op … CONDIVIDI. Crocodile attack in slow motion | Earth Unplugged - Duration: 6:14. Iruk2016 Published February 3, 2017 26,021 Views.! Stock Footage of Slow motion, Blue-spotted Stingray (Taeniura lymma) lies on sandy bottom and floats away. stingray swimming in a pool slow motion royalty free stock video and stock footage. Sign up for FREE today. Embed Share. I don't suppose this could be what's happening? Filmed in 1963 using a combination of electronic marionette puppetry and scale model special effects, it was APF's sixth puppet series and the third to be produced under the banner of "Supermarionation". Finden Sie ähnliche Videos auf Adobe Stock Add this item to our simple editor to make a polished video in minutes. Slow motion. Comment; 1m03s. When threatened, the stingray begins its tail whip; the barbs on the spines tear through the thin tissue of the integumentary sheath, and the spines jut out at an angle that's nearly perpendicular to the tail. 1 rumble. … CONDIVIDI. However, when attacked by predators or stepped on, the stinger … Slow Motion birds feeding closeup. Stingray inside backyard swimming pool attacks kid and mother. The video is available for download in high resolution quality up to 1920x1080. Depositphotos, Inc. USA. 26:14. Behesa. business projects. Underwater shot, Red Sea, Egypt“. Fun. The Stingray is a powerful, but lightly armoured, anti-surface strike vessel. Check out this incredible slow motion footage featuring an owl in … Slow motion … CONDIVIDI. 0 COMMENTS. 1m00s. Feb 18, 2013 @ 3:07pm Naw, no time bender mods but if I can figure out how to trigger it reliably It makes dungeon runs easy. TWEET. Holding In Hands The Weapon, In The Setting Sun - Download From Over 143 Million High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Vectors, Stock Footage.